WP6 will assess the impact of innovative management practices on soil quality and crop performance and provide the necessary iterative feedback for the further improvement of SQAPP. This WP will select representative sites where promising measures can be tested for their performance with regard to soil quality and overall sustainability of crop and livestock production. A demonstration component within this WP will provide valuable support for both up-scaling activities and for dissemination and communication.

Activities will include: i) selecting sites for testing, evaluating and demonstrating selected promising ‘soil improving’ agricultural measures; ii) identifying parameter/indicator sets for testing and evaluating the impact on soil quality and crop production parameters; iii) assessing parameters/indicators (including through applying SQAPP) for testing and evaluation of innovative agricultural management practices; and iv) organizing demonstration events at selected field sites.

The main deliverables of this WP will be an internal report on performance of promising agricultural management practices to populate recommendations of SQAPP (TRL5), and a report on the performance of key and site-specific parameters and indicators for all monitored sites (TRL6).

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