List with milestones

Milestone No. Milestone name Related work package(s) Estimated date Means of verification
M1.1 Project kick-off meeting 1 Jun pdf Minutes available (674 KB)
M2.1 Inventory of available soil, land use and purpose specific climate data and regional representation of soil and land use data available on a GIS platform 2 Dec pdf Fully functional system (450 KB)
M3.1 Overview of major existing field trials across various pedo-climatic zones in Europe and China and database of research results in the field of soil quality indicators 3 Dec archive Catalogue of existing field trials (3.23 MB)
M5.1 Actors to be included in Case Study Sites identified 5 Feb archive List of actors for all Case Study Sites (2.51 MB)
M6.1 Selection of sites for testing and evaluation 6 Sep   pdf Georeferenced list of test sites for all Case Study Sites (1.97 MB)
M9.1 Structure of iSQAPERiS defined with global idea on sections to be completed by each participant 9 Sep Structure with actionable contributions for all partners available.
M6.2 Parameter/indicator set for testing and evaluating the impact on soil quality and crop production parameters 6 Feb   pdf Parameter set for all farming system/ pedo-climatic zone combinations available (2.57 MB)
M5.2 Selection of innovative agricultural management practices to be evaluated in WP6 5 Apr   pdf List of management practices to be tested in each Case Study Site (470 KB)
M3.2 Hand-over moment of interactions between pedoclimatic zone, topography and farming system to inform SQAPP development 3 July Interaction database available for SQAPP development
M5.3 Stakeholder feedback ready for SQAPP improvement 5 August pdf Short report on main findings of stakeholders (1.50 MB)



Selection of sites for demonstration 6 Jan   pdf Georeferenced list of demonstration sites for all Case Study Sites (5.16 MB)
M7.1 Proposed indicators for upscaling and definition of thresholds for evaluation of soil environmental footprint 7 Jan   pdf Upscaling strategy document available (531 KB)
M4.1 Beta-release of soil quality assessment tool 4 Apr Beta-release SQAPP available for download
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